Hi, there!

I started Red Door Consulting in 2016 when I worked in insurance and found they were paying thousands of dollars to a social media management company that wasn’t doing anything to grow their presence. Being super creative and wanting to explore something new, I offered to take the social media profiles over, and learned everything I could about social media and how to get the best ROI for our business.  I quickly fell in love!

I started talking to other business owners about what I was doing for the insurance company, and before long, people started asking me to take over their profiles, as well. Social Media Marketing changes every day, and with the overwhelming response I was receiving from all kinds of businesses, I decided to make social media marketing my life. Red Door Consulting was born out of the simple concept of helping business owners navigate the landscape and find success when it comes to social media.

It’s sometimes hard to stand out and make yourself heard.  I chose to name my social media and marketing company Red Door because I imagine the sea of businesses out there as I do the many cookie-cutter communities that pop up almost daily in my fine city.  The homes are equally gorgeous, and I love to see what is being built.  As I was driving through a new community one day, I spotted a home with a red front door.  It was stunning.  It stood out with a sense of character and unapologetic allure.  I’ve been obsessed with red doors ever since. This is what I want for my clients: to be seen, to be loved, to make an impression that lasts.  Social media is a way to do all these things while growing your brand and truly connecting with customers.

We offer social media marketing services for businesses nationwide, taking social media off your plate so you can focus on your business!. Even though we are all on social media every day, social media for business is completely different than chatting on your personal profile or checking in with the family. We create custom posts for your brand, post curated content that relates to your audience, respond to comments and questions, engage with followers, promote your services/products, promote events, and create social ads for you. We utilize every social media platform that makes sense for your company, and provide monthly analytics so we can track growth and repeat the items that work best.

Social media is no longer an option for business marketing, it is a must. What we’ve found is that a growing company often doesn’t have the marketing budget to outsource their social media management, so the owner of the company is left to manage everything on their own, or they task it to someone in the business who may not have the passion or know-how to gain a following. Outsourcing your social media management to a company like Red Door Consulting ensures your profiles stay active, your brand is represented in the most accurate way possible, and your valuable marketing dollars are spent efficiently. We want to help you grow your business!