We all know that when a client has a “bad experience” they will tell nearly everyone they come in contact with.  But what about the countless great experiences you provide?  How can you continually compete with the expansive reaches of the internet?  A customer can provide rave reviews on countless websites; or they can slam your business all over the green Earth.

You might ask, “Who cares?”  One or two or six customers isn’t going to make or break you or your business.  The reason why you want to take notice is called Social Proof.

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Social Proof is the psychological tendency we have as humans, and as consumers, to modify our behavior to match popular behavior.  Therefore, if Client A posts online that your customer service is terrible, Client B (and C, and D, and everyone else who reads the review), will either avoid your place of business completely or expect terrible customer service.  It doesn’t matter that Client B has no relationship with Client A.  Social proof helps to form their opinion of you and your business before they ever step in the door or pick up the phone. It’s the same reason we search Rotten Tomatoes for movie reviews, or ask Siri for the “best restaurants near me”.  We are making our decisions based on what others believe; what others have deemed as popular, successful, worth our time and money.

Social Media is key to increase your positive footprint in the ever-expanding internet universe.  It can help provide a tangible glimpse into what can be improved upon.  You can connect with both your regular clients and naysayers to encourage them to visit you again and refer their friends.  It provides a free avenue to advertise upcoming events and make special announcements.  The more often you are able to support a positive image, the more important you become, and the more successful you will grow.

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