How Important is Social Media for Your Business?

Social media is everywhere, and it’s only growing.  Did you know there are more mobile devices than there are people in the world?  Most of us look at our pages multiple times throughout the day to check our newsfeed, see what our friends are doing, or post a quick status update.  Social media is fast, it’s fun, and it gives us a break from every day life.

social media managementBut how do you use social media for your business?  If you and everyone you know are using social media daily, does that mean they are seeing your page?  Do people know what your specials are, or what your mission and values are?  Do they know how you are involved in the community, or how much your business donates to charity?  Do they know where you are located, and how to contact you?  These are all things that a great social media presence can easily provide.

Did you notice that none of those questions mentioned marketing specifically?  Sadly, what I see most of the time as a social media management company, on a business social media page is simply ads.  Of course we all want to make money, and the point of advertising is to get people to buy your product or service. But social media is supposed to be just that: social.  Social media gives you the opportunity to connect with your clients and prospects on a more personal level.  Are you speaking WITH your clients, or AT them?  People do business with those that they know, like, and trust.  Does your Facebook page reflect your personality and your values? 

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Take a look at your last five posts.  What was the focus?  Is the focus inward, only based on your business and your sales goals; or are you focusing outward, on things that your clients and prospects care about?  By shifting your focus, you establish yourself as the expert while increasing your fan base and brand reach, which is the main reason to have a social media presence in the first place!

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