Targeting Your Ideal Audience

As we all know, Facebook changes their algorithms often.  While some may see this as a sadistic hobby of the social media kingpin to keep us on our toes, I believe it’s the way that Facebook continually and effectively improves user experience, while in the end rewarding those who can keep up with the curve.


Creating a strong, consistent social media presence is a surefire way to build an organic audience.  It will grow slowly, but the more (QUALITY) content you post, the more engagement you will get, and the more your brand and page will be seen.  Facebook automatically serves your posts to a random portion of your followers.  Depending on the time of day, your post may be shown to even a smaller portion of your fanbase, which is why it is so very important to check your Facebook Insights often.  Posting at the right time is key to reaching the most possible people, and just because you have 500 followers, all 500 won’t see every single post.

Facebook Ads and Boosting posts is a great way to increase your target audience and reach those who may not typically see your posts.  Successful businesses typically use advertising to grow, and these tools can be much less expensive than traditional advertising, like TV or radio.  See more about running a Facebook Ad here.

Creating a marketing plan that utilizes both organic growth and paid advertising on Facebook helps you to reach the most people possible, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.  Did you know you can designate a target audience on your Facebook page for free?  Here’s how you can ensure every post is optimized for your ideal audience:

  • Check your Page’s Insights for your audience and optimal times to post.



  • Go to your page Settings under General, and click Edit beside Audience Optimization for Posts.


  • Click the box which will allow preferred audience selection, Save Changes.screenshot-4
  • Then, go to Preferred Page Audience to set the audience for your page.screenshot-5
  • Using the information from your page Insights, set your audience by choosing appropriate ages, location, and interests.  Who do you want to see your content? And the answer can’t be everyone. 😉

If you don’t know a specific zip, choose Drop Pin and select the radius in miles.


Select age, Gender, and Interests, you can see your estimated audience as you make changes. Choose Save when you’re done!


If this seems like a lot, I offer one-on-one consulting in addition to full management of your social media profiles!  Setting you up for success is my mission, and outsourcing social media allows you to put your focus back on building your business.  Let’s work together!


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