Your Ideas. My Time.

You have a thousand ideas; we just need to put them into action. Here’s some food for thought:

  • Social Media is something you can no longer ignore…How often are your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram accounts updated with relevant information that draw customers in?
  • Do your social media platforms reflect the type of clients and employees that you want to attract?  Are your pictures and videos clear, entertaining, and visually stunning?
  • What do your past clients have to say about their experience?  Did you know that testimonials can increase your credibility and influence among potential clients?  Ignoring negative feedback is not the answer.  Read more about Social Proof here.
  • How are you setting yourself apart from your competition?  Are your social media posts relate-able, or are your feeds inundated with ads and specials?

During our first meeting, I like to have a candid conversation to discover potential areas of opportunity, along with your goals for building your brand and increasing your footprint.

I can then design a plan of action that is customized to your timeline, objectives, mission, and budget.  I believe in setting clear expectations so that we can clearly measure our progress; and providing analytics on the backend helps me to ensure we are posting the right kind of content for your audience.

Every client is truly unique; each timeline and plan of action will be different. Let’s partner to create a memorable brand for your business!

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